Your relationship with the Lord is a race for your life, not some form of leisure recreation. Just as with a stranded hiker in the far northern regions of the globe, the greatest danger is the first temptation: sleep. Falling asleep under such conditions almost insures death as the potential for the stranded hiker to freeze while asleep is greatly increased. 

These are the impressions being made by he unknown Hebrew’s writer to the believer. He admonishes us in the importance of race preparations for impactful relationship with the Father. He says to set aside delimiting weights and the disqualifying sin. To disregard the writer’s wisdom is equal to having a greater affection for the track than the finish line.
What’s the take away? If your day has been void of any intentional efforts to become closer to the Father, you have unfortunately drawn closer to time than eternity. You have fallen asleep! Wake up and redirect your focus…both to the sinner and the saint. We will all give an account of ourselves. It’s incumbent to you to GET YOUR LIFE!