While I was an 8th Grader at EWMS, I suffered through the most cumbersome injury I’d experienced through all of my sporting years.  My knee was literally on fire and I needed relief.  Although surgery was not required, the pain would interfere with my upcoming ball season, so something had to change.

My family and I visited the doctor and I was diagnosed.  Knowing the issue I was now looking to find immediate relief, only to discover it wouldn’t come so quickly.  I played that season with minimal practice(s), picking my legs up and placing them in the car after games, swallowing horse pills daily just to cope.  This wasn’t the ideal situation, but the doctor assured me it would be worth it.  He let me know this pain was not because of something bad and assured me something good would come from it.  Medically it’s referred to as patellar tendinitis, but on the street we’d refer to it as “GROWING PAINS”!

Despite what’s often assumed, everyone’s struggles today aren’t because of family iniquities, disconnect from God or retribution from past sin(s).  For many of us, today’s pains are simply because you’ve out-grown your present position.  Some relationships are no longer as rewarding as yesteryears.  Maybe your dream was exposed to greater and you refuse to settle for status quo.  If this is you, don’t quit, don’t throw in the towel and DON’T GO BACK.  Endure this painful season with cheer!  If so, I can guarantee you’ll be bigger tomorrow than you are today!