I was experiencing the first leg of being a father of two. My youngest Mason had no understanding of adult sleep patterns. He slept whenever he felt like it and I had no choice but to abandon hope of sleep for that season and rock with him. On the other hand, I had a two year old with another issue. Christian was learning proper sleep patterns; sleeping through the night and waking in the morning.

His issue instead was comprehending what really constituted morning? He’d wake at 3amand was ready! Finally, I was able to train him that morning was based upon the presence of natural light, hence, we slept until old man sun paid the blinds a visit. But just now, I’ve realized what a HUGE mistake I’ve made.

The time was 4am. I was engaged in study when the issue returned…where am I? According to my standard it was four in the morning, yet based upon what I’d taught my son, it was four at night? Logically, I reasoned that four in the morning was suitable despite the absence of light…though not yet present, my faith patiently awaits his arrival.

What does this mean for you? It means you must speak your change before you see it. You must expect it before you embrace it. But still you’re troubled with the fact that your present circumstance does not appear to lend itself to such hope? Well, 4am certainly did not appear to be worthy of the hope of morning’s glory, but despite that which I saw, I knew the time! Tell yourself now…IT’S TIME! It’s time for better, change, growth, expectancy, oneness with Him. Despite those things that have yet to line up in your life with God’s promises for you, refuse today to abandon hope. Tell your darkness IT’S TIME! Tell your depression IT’S TIME! Tell your debt IT’S TIME! Decide today to no longer live by that which is seen, but only by what you believe…then and only then are you released to experience the true joys of morning.