I both sympathize and admire this generation. They’ve been called everything from Generation X, non-factors, PK’s and prodigal’s to fake, conformed, lost and so much more. They’re near incapable of pleasing many of the voices in there lives, yet they’re still pressing.

Amidst everything, I was so blessed at City Church of Goldsboro to see so many young people unashamed and hungry for more of His presence. If it means anything to those of you who are reading, I see and acknowledge your efforts, and if no one else tells you, I’m godly proud of you.
Stay encouraged! Continue to take full responsibility for your relationship with Jesus Christ. Continue to grow in grace and mature into that which you have been purposed and made to be (1 Cor. 13:11). The Psalmist urges us to bless the Lord with everything we have, or in the words of Lil’ Jon, “TURN DOWN FOR WHAT”!